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Development: Life Cycle Assessment, Risk assessment

Contact: koen.oorts@arche-consulting.be

Development: Web tool

Contact: maria.lopez@idener.es

Development: Heap/atmospheric leaching technology (Polish laterites), solvent extraction and stripping (Polish laterites), metal hydroxide precipitation (Polish laterites), scale-up

Contact: witold.kurylak@imn.gliwice.pl

Development: Residue valorization as supplementary cementitious materials and alkali activated inorganic polymers

Contact: lubica.kriskova@kuleuven.be

Development: Scale-up of atmospheric leaching and chemical precipitation (Greek laterites)

Contact: eero.kolehmainen@outotec.com

Development: Multicriteria analysis

Contact: christoffer.warff@ri.se

Development: Heap leaching (jarosite  and landfilled Zn-rich sludge), thermal treatment (fayalitic slag, jarosite, goethite and Zn-rich sludge), scale-up of plasma-pyro technology (fayalitic slag and jarosite)

Contact: lourdes.yurramendi@tecnalia.com

Development: Economic assessment

Contact: yoko.dams@vito.be

Development: Heap leaching technology (Cr-rich sludges and Jarosite), scale-up

Contact: liesbeth.horckmans@vito.be

Development: Atmospheric leaching technology (Greek laterites), metal hydroxide precipitation (Greek laterites)

Contact: jarno.makinen@vtt.fi